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  • about us
  • aims
  • founders
  • our team
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about us ……… find out about our aims, our founders and our staff and volunteers
Founded in 2013, the Middle East Animal Foundation (MEAF) is the first formally registered non-profit animal welfare organization in Dubai, UAE. MEAF was set up to improve public awareness towards the importance of animal welfare, help prevent animal cruelty and abuse, help prevent illegal trade of rare and domestic animals, urge competent authorities to initiate and enforce wildlife protection laws and to provide support and guidance plans.
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Aims find out about our aims and objectives
Our aims:

MEAF was set-up to:
. improve public awareness towards the importance of animal welfare
. help prevent cruelty and abuse
. help prevent the illegal trade of rare animals
. encourage authorities to initiate and enforce wildlife protection laws
. provide support and guidance plans
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Our role within the animal welfare community:

. building a bridge between public animal welfare groups & UAE government agencies

. providing legal support for fundraising by the groups

. facilitating approvals by high level government authorities for various animal welfare groups

. offering expert advice by public groups to government policymakers regarding animal welfare

. offering free stars cat and dog ‘Trap/Neuter/Release’ (TNR) programme to various animal welfare groups

. initiating major animal related projects
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Founders find out more about our origins and our inspirational founders
. Mahin Bahrami

. Ghubash Ali

. Qassim Badran

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Our team any orgainisation is only as good its people; here at MEAF our team is dedicated to improving the welfare of
Our tireless team of volunteers are the backbone of MEAF. with volunteers from all over UAE, we work together to help each and every distressed animal that comes our way. Our team consists of individuals from all walks of life, various fields, industries and sectors to form a close knit group of animal lovers striving to achieve the MEAF goal - to make UAE the most animal friendly country in the world by 2020!

If you are interested in getting involved as a volunteer, please contact us at